• Ever since my childhood, I've been floating through mixed cultures and an open-minded vision of the world. I've finished up by making of my vision and personal experience a purpose of transmission.
  • The media have used and abused of words to describe other cultures in a totally one-sided and self-serving manner.
  • Visual expressions help getting a different dimension and recognition of the true values of ancient cultures and actual minorities.
  • Their universal values have been put aside voluntarily in order to assert so-called "modern concepts" that govern today's Western life.
  • From my point of vue, this Western vision has gradually alienated us from our genuine human needs.
  • The touch of ancient-type quality paper, the thought of a creative concept based on my reseach of genuine original symbols and Chinese ink's purity, enable me to concentrate on the essence of life.
  • Through my designs I hope to manage to share my internal world with you which is intimitely related to our ancestors from any continent.
  • Originally, we all step from a remote population and it would be unworthy not to respect them, at the risk of losing one's self-respect.
  • I wish you an excellent visit of my brand new website and please don't hesitate to leave your comments.