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  • The goal of my site is to present and to highlight the traces our ancestors left us as a heritage through magnificent symbols.
  • These ancient symbols and their meanings are profound and deliver rich instructions. They allow the more open spirits and the searchers of deep values to stay as close as possible to nature and human beings in their purest state.
  • This mode of visual expression is the unique weapon I have to help transmit symbols and their meanings, in order to keep our ancesters alive and to glorify the rich cultures of today's minorities.
  • The inspiration of my creations comes from the beautiful movie called "Le Hérisson" directed by Mona Hachache in 2009. A long period of immobilization has helped me to handle emotions through visual expression.
  • If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them! I'd be glad to answer you!
  • Also, might you have any remarks or additional information to give, I'd be glad to receive these as well!
  • I wish you an excellent visit of my website BY WENZZ Creations

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